Don't just take our word for it. Fightmersive is highly raved by amateur fighters, professional fighters, coaches, and trainees around the country. Here is some of what they have to say below.

What Professional Fighters and Coaches Think About Fightmersive

Kru Chris Williams

4-Time North American Muay Thai Champion

"I can say, this is the next best thing for you if you can't get into the gym: put on that VR headset and get some work done." 

Ferb Mukhammadnaim

2016 MTO National Champion

"You can really work on your defense and your offense, and its a great way to shadowbox and get yourself into training."

Andy Tran

2014 USMT Lightweight Champion

"I recommend anyone that wants to get better with their boxing and Muay Thai to use the Fight Simulator."

Jayce Fernandez

14 years experience as fighter and coach

Detailed review:

I've been using the headset for about two days now. (The shipping was fast and accurate 10/10). Headset was easy to configure and set up. It held up through all movement and didn't slip off or come undone in the slightest. I did all the available rounds with all the opponents and tried out all the different speeds.

Overall impression, a phenomenal tool in the development of reflexes and as close as it gets to simulated pressure in the context of combat sports. I found myself uncomfortable a few times, which is a good thing! Constantly being on the defensive and being forced to react and not clinch/tie up or shoot for a takedown to mitigate the pressure is the best way to better your defense in regards to striking.

The only downside, if one at all is the possibility of motion sickness. I did have two small bouts of it, but that is to be expected with any sort of virtual reality device. However, I feel most can avoid this by selecting the lower speeds on the footage and once they get used to it, they can increase it from there. And there shouldn't be an issue. The only other thing was the headset did fog up once I got into the later rounds. Again, easily fixed it by moving the headset up a bit onto the bridge of my nose and it allowed more airflow to clear up the condensation.

In conclusion, excellent product. Exactly as described and I would recommend it to other competitors both amateur and professional. I've been training for 14 years about, I'm soon to be 27, and my specialty is striking. More specifically boxing/mauy thai/kick boxing and as stated it had me on my toes in a few instances. You definitely feel the pressure to react with a sense of urgency, which is something I have yet to see aside from sparring or competing. Definitely not in a product you can do from home haha. Great work, and I look forward to future developments with it!

Why everyone should get Fight Simulator:

As both a fighter and a coach, the biggest thing I try to teach as well as implement in my own training is reflexes and reaction time. Knowing how and when to react to stimulus, to better counter or evade and cut angles. The fight simulator fills a major gap in every fighters game, even at the highest levels which is defense.

You can try and train defense shadow boxing and on a bag, but it always falls short in application. Due to lack of real visual stimulus. Now, you can train it on mitts and in sparring/doing partner drills. But you obviously can't do that every gym session, as much as we should and or want to. However, with fight simulator you're able to bridge that gap and build up those reflexive responses and make it instinctual in both sparring and competition when applied.

Ultimately, I would label it the next evolution in shadow boxing, you no longer have to visualize an opponent. And implement bias attacks and counters (we are all a bit guilty of it). With this, it's about as good as it gets in regards to sharpening defense and preparing you for ACTUAL sparring and competition. I'll definitely be using it at my own gym as well as at home."

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"Bro this is legit! I got so into it I hit a wall, I’m have to put some toes up as reference of we’re to stay 🤣" - Nathan

"...I've done martial arts for a long time and I was actually looking for something just like this - a way that I could watch a video of another fighter right in front of me, throwing conventional and unconventional punches and kicks - so I can refine my reactions and work to match the right blocks and moves in real time. To be honest I didn't know if this was real but decided to go for it. Definitely glad I did. Thanks for putting this together!" - Matt

"Yo, everything works great! Just had the chance to try it out. I love that I can slow it down to 0.25 speed. Excellent product!" - Michael

"My headset arrived yesterday just as it said! The setup for it didn't take too long either which was great. I got to test it out for a few rounds and thought it was great so far! I'll have more time this week to really try it out. I've got a kickboxing tournament in a couple months, so I'll really get to see the impact this will make for that." - Daniel R.

"I just got it today and set up and did my first two rounds. It works fantastic!! Much better than I expected. Thanks again for the opportunity and tips." - Lamar O.

"I really love it. I think slowing down the speed is really helpful for training your eye to kick inbetween the opening of the knee and arm when an opponent is blocking. Honestly I think a big thing I like about the product is that it reduces the risk of injury or that you can still train when injured." - Saul P

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