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Flagship Products

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Fight Simulator

Simulate sparring champion-level boxing, MMA, and Muay Thai fighters from the comfort of your bedroom.

Training Programs

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Fight Trainer

Master the core fighting reflexes such as blocking, slipping, countering, and more under the guidance of an expert coach. Includes detailed video instruction and plenty of drills, all shot in VR, so you can get good quickly from the comfort of home.

Padwork and Fitness

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Knockout Combos

Upgrade your striking and cardio with intensive VR padwork sessions alongside expert coaches. These combos are designed to help you win fights by forcing holes in your opponents defense, all while giving you a unique and heart-racing workout experience from the comfort of home.

Physical Products

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Fightmersive Headset

Buy our standalone VR/AR headset with a 96 degree field-of-view, capacitive touch button controller, collapsible design, and portable gym carrying case. Accommodates smartphones up to 6 inches in size.

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